Planning Committee

PCUUYA is lead by a board of community members called the Planning Committee. This group is in charge of planning various events and making sure they run smoothly. Because planning conferences is a lot of work, the Planning Committee is split up into several different roles which are listed below:

  • Facilitator
  • Treasurer(s)
  • Conference Coordinator(s)
  • Secretary/Documentation
  • Touchgroup Coordinator
  • Registrar/Outreach Co(s)
  • Committee Chaplain

All of these roles are vital to the function of the Planning Committee. Below, each role is specifically defined. If you are interested in running for a Planning Committee position, please read the description carefully to ensure you fully understand the required commitments.

  1. Facilitator shall set agendas and facilitate Planning Committee meetings. Committee Chaplain shall monitor the emotional level of meetings and plan brief opening and closing worships for each committee meeting. Both people shall remind the group of commitments and shall maintain an overall view of the workings of the Committee. They will make it a chief priority to support and communicate with one another. There may be no more than one facilitator or Committee Chaplain at any given time, with the exception of training.
  2. Treasurer(s) shall work with the NCUUCC Board Treasurer to keep full and accurate accounts of all the financial transactions of PCUUYA. The Treasurer(s) is responsible for receiving event funds from the NCUUCC treasurer prior to a PCUUYA event and bringing said funds in the form of cash to the event. The Treasurer(s) will work with the cooks and GoFers to keep track of all money and receipts. On the last day of each PCUUYA event, the Treasurer(s) will prepare financial records of event expenses and mail the revenue, receipts, and an accurate reimbursement form to the NCUUCC Treasurer. Additionally, the Treasurer(s) shall prepare an annual budget report at the end of each fiscal year to be presented to NCUUCC. At least one Treasurer must be present at each con. There may be no more than two treasurers at any given time.
  3. ­Conference Coordinator(s) shall find sites for PCUUYA sponsored conferences. They shall also appoint staff for PCUUYA conferences and work with them for the duration of the event. ­Conference Coordinator(s) shall act as a resource for all conference planning. ­Conference Coordinator is a staggered two year position. There shall ideally be a ­Conference Coordinator with a year of experience in the position if possible. The Conference Coordinators(s) shall manage the PCUUYA website (, including the social networking accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc). They shall also make sure that the written resources of PCUUYA are up to date and available to the community at all times on the website. There may be up to two Conference Coordinators at any given time.
  4. Secretary/Documentation shall keep minutes of all meetings where official business is conducted and email copies of minutes to all Committee Members, is in charge of all official Committee correspondence, and assists the Facilitator in reminding Committee Members of their assigned jobs by sending out monthly task assignments. They are in charge of keeping PCUUYA documents up to date, and bringing necessary documentation to various meetings There may be no more than one secretary at any given time with the exception of training.
  5. Registrar/Outreach Co-Coordinators shall serve as the main contact point of the Planning Committee. They shall maintain contact with Ministers, Reverends, congregational Board Presidents, and church offices, and continue outreach services to educate church communities about PCUUYA. Furthermore, they shall maintain contact with the NCUUCC Board and shall be responsible for all necessary communications between NCUUCC and PCUUYA Planning Committee. The Registrar/Outreach Co-Coordinators shall compile and maintain a mailing list, build and send out the registration form, and act as registrar for every conference. The Registrar shall compile a spreadsheet with statistics about attendees and send the information to the NCUUCC Board Treasurer immediately following each event. This information must include the dates of the event, the number of days of the event, and the number of attendees. There may be up to two Registrar/Outreach Co-Coordinators at any given time. 
  6. Touchgroup Coordinator shall organize touchgroups at each conference consisting of leaders, and conferees being mindful of diversity in all aspects. They shall direct touchgroup leaders to the PCUUYA Touchgroup Guide, oversee touchgroups during the entirety of the conference, and make an effort to solve any issues that may arise due to touchgroup assignments or touchgroup cleaning. There will be no more than one Touchgroup Coordinator at any given time with the exception of training.