First Election’s Con?!

This will be PCUUYA’s first ever Elections Conference!

An elections conference is an event in which volunteers interview people who’ve been nominated for various Planning Committee positions. The PCUUYA Planning Committee is a group of Young Adults who have committed to planning and producing Conferences under specific roles.

Our current, temporary, Planning Committee is as follows:
– Facilitator: Hanna Landsman
– Treasurer: (tent.) Collin Efird Hoover
– Cococo’s: Hanna Landsman and Marie Stubblebine (trainee)
– Secretary: Adamantium Zinc
– Touchgroup Co: Micah Payne
– Registrar: Sarah Tuning
– Chaplain: (tent.) TJ Rockwell

If you are interested in running for a Planning Committee position during the upcoming elections, please take a second to read the job description in article 5 of our bylaws!

We need all the volunteers we can get to continue to create awesome conferences, and keep this community alive!

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